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Ooteman Paardensport
Ooteman Paardensport

NAF Powder Oestress

Product number: 100751

Powder for restless and moody mares during the studding. Contains natural antioxidants and organic magnesium, this supports the hormonal balance which ensures a balanced temperament and mood for mares in heat and wild stallions. NAF Oestress Powder is a natural supplement that gently contributes to a normal hormone balance and cycle. Oestress is rich in natural antioxidants to support the removal of toxins.

Divide daily dose over 2 feedings.
10-20 grams (1-2 scoops) per day when given for maintenance.
30 grams (3 scoops) per day for high dosage.
One scoop contains approximately 10 grams.

NAF Oestress can be used during the days of high dosage in days of studyness or during all the months when the stud is most evident with a daily maintenance dose. It is also possible to give a combination of a daily maintenance dose and a high dosage during the period of studyness.
If you wish to give a high dose to your horse, give it for the first 7 to 10 days of use and whenever your horse needs it extra.
The maintenance dose can be adjusted to the needs of the individual horse, regardless of the horse's weight.

Yeast, vitamin B2, magnesium, aromatic and tasty herbs, products of tubers and roots, products of fruits, oilseeds, hydrolyzed lecithin, methionine, flavoring of vanilla.

This product is not a medicine nor does it have a medicinal function. Supplements are no replacement of a healthy lifestyle with a varied, balanced diet. If your horse is not well or has a medical condition it is important to make contact with a veterinarian.

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